Rwanda has a population of approximately 11.3 million people which is dominated by young people with a median age of 19 years and a population growth rate of 2.6%. The GDP of the economy is 4,685 Billion Rwanda Francs (at constant 2011 prices) with an average growth rate of 7.12% over the last 5 years.

Skills gaps in agriculture sector

Skills Gaps: - Agriculture establishments in the private sector in Rwanda had a skills gap of 13, 095 labor units. This represents 59.2% of total employment. Artisans dominate the skills gap accounting for 87.4%, Technicians accounts for 8.3%, Scientists 1.1%, managers 1.9% and Liberal Professionals accounting for 1.3%. Additionally, the current employees are not fully competent and need further training in soft skills like leadership, business communication, identification and risk management, leadership, and innovativeness.

1. Managers Vacancies (Short term) Proficiency Gap Expatriates Total Gap
Managing directors and chief executives 211220134
Research and development managers 071522
Agricultural and forestry production managers 020020
Aquaculture and fisheries production managers 0000
Supply, distribution and related managers 012315
Information and communications technology service managers 0000
Human resource managers 08210
Policy and planning managers 1708
Sales and marketing managers 034135
Advertising and public relations managers 0235
Total 320244249
2. Scientists Vacancies (Short term) Proficiency Gap Expatriates Total Gap
Physical and Earth science professionals 09312
Crop Scientists 218020
Agronomists 1274793
Agricultural Economist 0000
Veterinary Specialists/advisor 014014
Meteorologists 0000
Chemists 0707
Biologists, botanists, zoologists & related professionals 0101
Farming, forests, and fisheries advisors 0000
Environmental protection professionals 0000
Total 1412310147
3. Liberal Vacancies (Short term) Proficiency Gap Expatriates Total Gap
Accountants 1553472
Financial and investment advisers 0426
Financial analysts 1539
Management and organization analysts 2327
Policy administration professionals 0303
Personnel and career (HR) professionals 3306
Training and staff development professionals - 303
Advertising and marketing professionals 624333
Public relations professionals 48113
Technical and medical sales professionals (excluding ICT) 021122
Information and communications technology professionals 1304
Legal professionals 0202
Total 3212316171
4. Technicians Vacancies (Short term) Proficiency Gap Expatriates Total Gap
Life science technicians (excluding medical) 0101
Agricultural technicians 41,03321,039
Forestry technicians 0101
Livestock technicians 026531
Fisheries technicians 0202
Veterinary technicians/assistants 012012
Medical records and health information technicians 0123
Environmental and occupational health inspectors and associates 0000
Total 41,07691,089
5. Artisans Vacancies (Short term) Proficiency Gap Expatriates Total Gap
Market-oriented Animal producers 0707
Market oriented Mixed crop and animal producers 0000
Market oriented Forestry and related workers 0606
Market oriented Fishery workers, hunters and trappers 0000
Customer and office service workers 100010
Agricultural, forestry and fishery laborers 022772172494
Crop farm laborers 61671711957973
Livestock farm laborers 11980199
Mixed crop and livestock farm laborers 02890289
Garden and horticultural laborers 134035
Forestry laborers 0303
Fishery and aquaculture laborers 032032
Unskilled laborers like security and grounds people 637312391
Total 799936142411439