Rwanda has a population of approximately 11.3 million people which is dominated by young people with a median age of 19 years and a population growth rate of 2.6%. The GDP of the economy is 4,685 Billion Rwanda Francs (at constant 2011 prices) with an average growth rate of 7.12% over the last 5 years.

Safety and health at work

Cleanliness at work place

Working premises shall be kept clean and equipped with health safety and protection facilities. The employer has to educate his/her workers on health and safety and to post in the work premises those safety and health instructions to be observed with regard to safeguarding health and prevention of hazards.

Protection equipments

The employer shall put at the worker’s disposal all necessary and appropriate protection equipments and look after their correct use. He/she must know ways and means to protect against hazards and train workers on such ways and means.

Premises and equipments not detrimental to worker’s health

At workplace,premises shall comply with the health and safety standards.

Before these premises are built, the construction, extension, transformation or renovation plan shall be submitted to the Ministry in charge of Labour for inspection and certification as to whether health and safety standards, at workplace, are complied with.

It is forbidden to import, display, sell, lease out, give away under any circumstances or to use appliances, machines and parts of machines which were manufactured or imported contrary to standards aimed to ensure protection of worker’s health and prevention of hazards.

General and specific conditions for health and safety at the workplace

An order of the Minister in charge of Labour shall determine the general and specific conditions for worker’s health, prevention of and protection against hazards at workplace.

Declaration of occupational risks

The employer shall declare to the social security organ and to the Labour Inspector of his/her jurisdiction, within four (4) working days of occurrence, all occupational risks or occupational diseases noted.

Where the employer fails to make a declaration, the person who is the victim of the accident or suffers a disease or his/her legitimate representatives may declare occupational risks within a period not exceeding two (2) years from the date of the occurrence of the accident or disease.

Any employer who uses working processes likely to cause professional diseases shall notify the issue to the Labour Inspector and to the social security organ, before starting using such working processes.

Setting up the Committee on health and safety and medical services at workplace

An order of the Minister in charge of labour shall determine those institutions which shall have committees on health and safety and medical services at workplace as well as modalities for their functioning.

The employer must create health and safety committee in his/her institution as well as modalities for their functioning.

Emergency box and medical care

The employer must put at the disposal of workers, at his/her own cost, an emergency box of first aid needed in case of accident.

In case of work accident, the employer must evacuate the injured and the patients to the nearest health centre.