Rwanda has a population of approximately 11.3 million people which is dominated by young people with a median age of 19 years and a population growth rate of 2.6%. The GDP of the economy is 4,685 Billion Rwanda Francs (at constant 2011 prices) with an average growth rate of 7.12% over the last 5 years.


Definition:The employment-to-population ratio is defined as the proportion of a country's working-age population that is employed. A high ratio means that a large proportion of a country's population is employed, while a low ratio means that a large share of the population is not involved directly in market-related activities, because they are either unemployed or (more likely) out of the labour force altogether. The ILO estimates in table 2a are harmonized to account for differences in national data collection and tabulation methodologies. The series includes both nationally reported and imputed data and only estimates that are national, meaning there are no geographic limitations in coverage.

Employment rate81.977.476.686.775.173.873.573.48484.284.2