Rwanda has a population of approximately 11.3 million people which is dominated by young people with a median age of 19 years and a population growth rate of 2.6%. The GDP of the economy is 4,685 Billion Rwanda Francs (at constant 2011 prices) with an average growth rate of 7.12% over the last 5 years.

Labour force profile in manufacturing sector

The Manufacturing sector in the private sector in Rwanda has 66 principal activities, with most of establishments doing more than two activities. The four top economic activities in Rwanda‟s sector are: manufacturing of food products constituting 20.5%; repair and installation of machinery and equipment 11.7%; printing and reproduction of recorded materials 8.7%, and manufacture of furniture constituting 8.5%. The leading activities within the food subsectors are: manufacturing of beverages and other related food products (5.5%), processing and preserving of meat (3.8%), the processing of grain mills (3.3%), manufacturing of bakery products (3.6%), and manufacturing of dairy products (2.5%). Activities of production of coffee products (0.3%), manufacturing of starches and starch products (0.3%), and manufacturing of prepared animal feeds 0.3% had the least representation in this subsector. The manufacturing sector in Rwanda had a total of 27,769 labor units employed as Managers, Professionals (Engineers), Liberal Professionals, Technicians and Artisans. Women constitute of 32.3% of the labor force while men are 67.7%. Artisans and office service personnel comprise of three quarters of total employees (74.8%) compared to Scientists (0.9%), Technicians (4.9%), Managers (13.4%), and Liberal Professionals (6.1%).

1. Occupation Managers Employees Of which women Of which expatriates
Managing directors and chief executives 1,42324954
Finance managers 27457168
Advertising and public relations managers 3330
Human resource managers 168520
Business services and administration managers 151510
Sales and marketing managers 43818510
Research and development managers 12055
Agricultural and forestry production managers 600
Aquaculture and fisheries production managers 1600
Manufacturing managers 8369421
Supply, distribution and related managers 221035
Information and communications technology service managers 7900
Total 3,629645293
2. Occupation Scientists Employees Of which women Of which expatriates
Environmental protection professionals 1000
Industrial & production engineers 500
Environmental engineers 300
Chemical engineers 2400
Electrical engineers 6905
Electronics engineers 3200
Telecommunications engineers 1500
Product & Garment designers 964020
Total 2544025
3. Occupation Liberal Employees Of which women Of which expatriates
Accountants 61039315
Financial & Investment advisors 15150
Financial analysts 300
Management & organization analysts 56200
Policy & planning managers 156250
Personnel & careers professionals 1450
Training & staff development professional 550
Advertising & marketing professionals 1050
Public relations professionals 500
Manufacturing supervisors 327480
Commercial sales representatives 378440
Legal secretaries 880
Information &communication technology operations technicians 6030
Total 164757115
4. Occupation Technicians Employees Of which women Of which expatriates
Chemical physical science technicians 3300
Electrical engineering technicians 4701170
Electronics engineering technicians 53500
Chemical engineering technicians 39020
Power production plant operators 24400
Total 132111720
5. Occupation Artisans Employees Women Expatriates
Metal molders and core makers 10602
Welders and flame cutters 38250
Sheet-metal workers 1600
Toolmakers and related workers 471717
Metal working machine tool setters and operators 67030
Metal polishers, wheel grinders and tool sharpeners 67039
Musical instrument makers and tuners 5700
Potters and related workers 2400
Glass makers, cutters, grinders and finishers 1000
Sign writers, decorative painters, engravers and etchers 2000
Handicraft workers in wood, basketry and related materials 115491115
Handicraft workers in textile, leather and related materials 3403319
Printers 57213420
Print finishing and binding workers 37713415
Bakers, pastry-cooks and confectionery makers 401188129
Dairy-products makers 20211915
Fruit, vegetable and related preservers 60300
Tobacco preparers and tobacco products makers 149600
Wood treaters 757900
Woodworking-machine tool setters and operators 47214617
Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and hatters 35622830
Garment and related pattern-makers and cutters 606060
Sewing, embroidery and related workers 1949060
Upholsterers and related workers 2000
Pelt dressers, tanners and fellmongers 43220
Shoemakers and related workers 2462825
Product graders and testers (excluding foods and beverages) 2241040
Blacksmiths, hammer smiths and forging press workers 46300
Metal processing plant operators 154030
Chemical products plant and machine operators 35450
Plastic products machine operators 30250
Fiber preparing, spinning and winding machine operators 5000
Weaving and knitting machine operators 92830
Food and related products machine operators 3443015
Pulp and papermaking plant operators 1600
Wood processing plant operators 386030
Rubber products machine operators 6600
Packing, bottling and labeling machine operators 108340
Production clerks 4541125451
Secretaries (general) 2061660
Stock clerks 4577384
Transport clerks 45850
Personnel clerks 1000
Fire-fighters 69050
Security guards 3623540
Heavy truck and lorry drivers 11000
Hand packers 91344160
Manufacturing laborers n.e.c. 41536330
Garbage and recycling collectors 15015
Refuse sorters 880
Sweepers and related laborers 41025190
Messengers, package deliverers and luggage porters 1762015
Total 203275780963